11.09.17 – What we’re reading and watching this morning


Mankato/N.Mankato – Mankato-N. Kato resolve to decide tobacco issue after Jan. 1

Mankato Free Press, Mark Fischenich

A divided Mankato-North Mankato Intergovernmental Committee couldn’t agree on a recommendation on the Tobacco 21 initiative Wednesday night.”

Robbinsdale, MN – City Council Meeting 11.07.17

Section 9, Old Business, Item A: First Reading: Amendment to Robbinsdale’s Tobacco License Regulations (click on the item under the video)

(Rhode Island)

Middletown, RI – New tobacco rules coming under scrutiny

The Newport Daily News, Matt Sheley

“Late last month, a complaint in Newport Superior Court from two local convenience stores said the town overreached by passing rules banning the sale of flavored tobacco and the aggressive marketing of those products and also didn’t properly advertise the changes before they were approved.”


Juneau County, WI – Addiction expert warns about smoking at Mauston presentation

Juneau County Star-Times, Jake Ekdahl

“Macmaster emphasized that tobacco addiction should be approached and treated like other harmful substance addictions, such as alcohol or drugs.”


Aldehyde levels in e-cigarette aerosol: Findings from a replication study and from use of a new-generation device

Science Direct, Konstantinos E. Farsalinos, Kurt A. Kistler, Alexander Pennington, Alketa Spyrou, Dimitris Kouretas, Gene Gillman

“A recent study identified high aldehyde emissions from e-cigarettes (ECs), that when converted to reasonable daily human EC liquid consumption, 5 g/day, gave formaldehyde exposure equivalent to 604–3257 tobacco cigarettes. We replicated this study and also tested a new-generation atomizer under verified realistic (no dry puff) conditions.”

Smokers Turn to e-Cigarettes in Attempt to Quit

Medscape, Maureen Salamon

“In the Tennessee-based study, current cigarette smokers were seven times more likely than nonsmokers to be e-cigarette users. Additionally, tobacco smokers who also smoked e-cigarettes were at least 3.5 times more likely than non-e-cigarette users to have quit smoking for a day or longer during the past 12 months for the sake of quitting.”



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Author: Alex Clark

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