5 Common ECig Problems Solved Here!

Here are the Top 5 Ecig Problems & Our Solutions!


1. I am experiencing a short cartridge life. Why is that and how can I fix it?

Normally, one cartridge lasts for about 150-200 puffs. Following are some tips that could help you achieve a longer cartridge life.

Don’t leave cartridges open after removing them from their sealed package or assembled e-cigarette. If you are not using the cartridge, make sure to put rubber caps on the cartridges.
Avoid extreme temperatures. Temperatures <60F and >80F could result in the liquid evaporating and shorter cartridge life.
If you travel frequently with your e-cigarette, it is important to use a portable carry case. Transporting the assembled e-cigarette without a case can cause it to be engaged unintentionally with airflow being moved through the unit, such as in a shirt or pants pocket.
If you don’t plan to use the unit for more than a day, unscrew the cartridge from the battery and seal with the rubber cap. Then store both the battery and cartridge inside a portable case.

  • Number of puffs from each eCig cartridge varies based on individual smoking habits. A regular cigarette has about 10-12 puffs. Depending on your smoking style, shorter or greater life could be experienced than expected from a e-cigarette cartridge.
  • Cartridges should be used within 5 days after opening.
  • Cartridge shelf life is 12 – 18 months from their production date. Our cartridges are normally less than 2 months old when we ship them.
  • After opening, store the cartridges in or close to horizontal direction with rubber-caps on.

2. Why does my cartridge heat up?

Electronic cigarettes are more like electric cigarettes: they operate on a simple yet fairly strong electric current to generate vapor. The reason for this is two-fold:

E-cig companies aiming for more vapor: In an effort to increase vapor production electric cigarettes also emit more heat than ever before. The problem can be improved by using better heat insulation on the body of the cartridge but most manufacturers using metal casing.

Heavy smokers: Most smokers – especially those who try ecigs for the first time – tend to draw longer, harder puffs. The same heat that generates vapor also heats up the cartridge. This is the main reason why ecig smokers face this warming up of the cartridge. This problem is made worse by users trying to draw too many puffs in rapid succession. The heat is often worse when the cartridge does not have much liquid left.

Manufacturers are still a little behind as they try to balance the heating problem with the demand for vapor. A majority of the vaping customers do not have a major problem though with heating and vapor production is considered as being more desirable.

3. What should I do if some of my cartridges are leaking?

The first thing we strongly recommend is to immediately throw away those cartridges. We have had very few cases of leakage in our cartridges but if that happens, we recommend that you first immediately wash your mouth many times with water.

One other thing we would recommend. After you have opened a cartridge pack, we recommend that you store these carts on a horizontal (flat surface). Don’t keep these cartridges vertically – this could lead to a liquid coming down due to gravity (if by chance there is a little extra liquid in the cart). Also, we recommend that when smoking, keep the cigarette horizontal or close to horizontal. Smoking vertically sometimes may result in possible leakage. Again it should not happen but it is just a recommendation to avoid any potential issues like this.

4. What should I do if my cartridges don’t produce enough vapor?

Sometimes the brand new cartridges have a blocked air passage. We suggest to our customers to try the following:
With the cartridge screwed on to the battery, keep the LED side of the battery in your mouth (about half to one inch) and then blow hard onto it a couple of times. You should see smoke coming out of the other side of the cartridge. Now just try inhaling your cigarette normally and you should see the vapor coming out. Please try this a couple of times and if it still does not create vapor, please contact us so that we could send you an appropriate number of replacement packs.

5. How do I clean my electronic cigarette battery?

It is important to clean and maintain your electronic cigarette to ensure maximum performance and a longer life. The battery should be cleaned periodically depending on how often you use it. We recommend to clean it once a week.

Below is the method that we recommend:
1. Inspect the battery – Look for residue which may be caught and stuck in the threads of the battery
2. Soak Cotton Swab in Rubbing Alcohol – Pour a tiny amount of the rubbing alcohol into a small container, then soak the head of the cotton swab
3. Clean the Threads: Using a circular motion, gently use the cotton swab to clean the threads of the battery.
4. Allow it to dry: Let the battery dry for a few seconds.

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