5 Sins of New E-Cig Users

7-7-2014 3-42-13 PMMany vapers regularly make some basic mistakes when enjoying their e-cigs. Are these high crimes? No. But they do work against the greater good of our community as a whole, and should be stopped as soon as possible.

Also, avoiding these no-nos may even improve your image among friends and coworkers.

Here are the 5 sins of new e-cig users:

Disregarding Personal Space

We’re psyched that you enjoy e-cigs. We couldn’t be happier that you no longer smell like exhaust. We encourage you to try new flavors and devices and nicotine strengths and battery designs.

But, for the love of all that’s holy, stop blowing vapor in people’s faces!

Just because you are completely comfortable with your new sense of freedom, it doesn’t mean other people feel the same. Please don’t blow plumes of vapor in small offices, elevators, clown cars or other confined spaces, unless everyone has consented.


Talking Down to Tobacco Users

Though it’s tempting to approach friends and colleagues who smoke tobacco, and condemn their habits, remember that you were there not too long ago.

If you are approached about your e-cigs, tell them what they need to get started, along with a reassuring affirmation. But do not criticize, lambast, shun or humiliate your friends who smoke.

You might think you’re doing them a favor, but in reality, it’s simply a great way to find yourself sitting alone at the bar, or wondering why you didn’t get invited over to watch the game.

Vaping In Appropriate Places

We’ve been fighting for our rights to use e-cigs in places that cigarettes aren’t allowed. And we will continue to do so. We feel e-cigs are perfect for well-ventilated offices, warehouses, outdoor spaces, among others.

But, let’s be real – there are some places where you just shouldn’t vape. Here are some examples of places you shouldn’t feel free to puff your e-cig:

PTA meetings
Quarterly reviews
Grand jury hearings
This is just a small sample, so if the list above doesn’t already give you a good idea, err on the side of caution and keep your e-cig safely in your pocket.

Sneaking A Vape in the Bathroom

New e-cig users sometimes feel uneasy about vaping in front of others. So when the need arises, they fake the urge to visit the bathroom and go puff near a window or vent fan.

This is bad practice. For starters, in most cases, this is not something you should hide. If you were a cigarette smoker and made the switch, celebrate it! Your friends and loved ones will be thrilled you made a better choice, and will likely encourage you to keep it up.

That seems a lot more uncomfortable in social settings than just telling people you enjoy e-cigarettes. If you don’t actually need to use the bathroom, stay out.

Leaving a trail behind

And finally, let’s close with something a little more serious. E-cigs are adult products, and should never be handled by children or pets. While our cartridges are safely contained when used properly, nicotine-based e-liquid is dangerous if consumed.

So, it goes without saying that you should stop leaving your e-cig cartridges around the house where others can get them. Even old, seemingly empty cartridges can pose a threat to curious hands.

For those who live in adult-only households, this is simply a courtesy issue. A trail of old e-cig cartridges, rubber caps, wrappers, etc. are just as annoying as cigarette butts. And isn’t that what we’re trying to avoid now that we’re e-cig enthusiasts?


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