9 Tips For New Ecig Users!

4a831bd00860239125936080e168e2e6Are you new to the ecig world? Welcome aboard! Here’s a list of our favorite tips for new and veteran vapers that include everything from ecigarette batteries, to nicotine strength, and vapor flavors.

Vape tip #1: Always carry an extra battery

You don’t want to be left without a charged ecig battery. It’s good to keep a spare one in case yours dies. Or if you’re out and about and someone wants to try vaping, you can lend them the spare for a minute.

Vape tip #2: Keep an extra battery at work

If you leave your battery at home, it could be a long work day without a vape. You don’t want any reasons to pick up a cigarette, so stay prepared by keeping an extra at work!

Vape tip #3: Keep an extra battery in your car

Forget your PV at home? Not to worry, just use the backup you have in your car. Just be careful not to store batts them in extreme temps!

Vape tip #4: Create your own blend by mixing flavors together

Although we’ve got 9 amazing flavors to choose from, you can still create even more. Mix two or more vape flavors together and make your own blend.

Vape tip #5: If you get cravings, increase your nicotine strength

Finding the right nicotine level is important to keep on vaping and away from the high test analog cigs. However, you might find you need a higher strength depending on the flavor, or even your mood. If you find that your vape isn’t cutting it, and you’re still tempted to smoke, increase your nicotine level.

Vape tip #6: Clean your batteries weekly for best performance

The best way to keep your batteries working right is to give them a good scrubbing every week. First remove them from the charger or take the cartomizer off. Then use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to clean the threading where the battery meets the cartomizer (or tank). Then make sure it dries completely before reusing.

Vape tip #7: Experiment with different setups

There are tons of different batteries and mods, EGOs, and cig-a-likes out there. There are also a lot of choices for the refillable, from pre-filled carts, to clearomizers, tanks, Smileomizers, and atomizers. By trying different setups, you can find the one that works best for you.

Vape tip #8: Drink lots of water!

Keep hydrated when vaping. Ecig vapor can dry out your throat, so keep a bottle of water with you and keep your whistle wet.

Vape tip #9: Stick with it

Remember, it’s the nasty analogs that you don’t smoke that count. Sometimes it takes a while to find the set up and liquids that work for you.

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