Are E Cigarettes a Gimmick?

Whenever a new product hits the market and creates a lot of immediate interest such as the e-cigarettes did, the big question arises “is it just a big gimmick”. We are all well aware that big corporations will create a lot of hype around a product, no matter how valuable that product is. This is all part of the marketing approach.

With e-smokes it is a little different. The hype has not been created by the manufacturers and marketing guru’s. It has actually been created by the consumers of tobacco products, as well as non users. This is because of the massive controversies that surround the use of tobacco and related products.

With this type of attention being lavished by the consumer, if the e-smokes were merely a gimmick this would have come to the forefront very quickly, and the interest would have dwindled. It would have meant that there would be no cause for concern for those that are negative to this new smoking device.

So it would be safe to say that the e-cigarettes are certainly not a gimmick. They have proven not to be a product that was created for a quick hit massive sale, then to disappear off the open market. In fact, when you look at the history of e-cigs they are gaining in their momentum of curiosity and use. Gimmicks usually die out very quickly once the general public has caught onto the hype as being a marketing tactic.

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