Can eCigs save a relationship?


In the beginning of a relationship, both parties often tend to overlook bad habits in the person they are attracted to amidst the excitement of romance – even when that habit is smoking cigarettes. Eventually the nonsmoking half of that equation begins to feel annoyed, especially when the smoker begins to smoke their cigarettes more often after those feelings of newness start to dwindle.

It’s about this point when some nonsmokers may make the drastic decision to end the relationship, even if things are going well in all other areas. Secondhand smoke is not the only issue, although that is certainly a major reason with a higher number of people dying from exposure every year. Many nonsmokers can’t stand the smell, as it permeates everything – clothing, automobiles and everything else the smoker comes in contact with. If the couple is young and want to have children in the future, there may also be concern about the negative effects on an unborn child as well as passing on the habit to potential offspring.

Another major reason is the fact that the smoker is far more likely to die at a younger age than the nonsmoker, and could be a risk for a greater number of illnesses as well. The nonsmoker has to consider if she or he would be able to take care of the other person if something were to happen, or be able to emotionally handle being parted at a young age.

With the invention of eCigs, the smoker may be able to save his or her relationship without the emotional and physical difficulties of going through nicotine withdrawal that would happen should they decide to quit by going cold turkey.

With eCigs, nonsmokers no longer have to worry about the unhealthy effects of secondhand smoke or the nasty smell, and this handy tool has often become the saving grace for more than a few, now much happier, couples.

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