Comments from Ecig users – Nov 2013

A thread with general comments from eCig users.

Note: these comments are not all for MagicMist brands.


Anonymous user: I’ve been vaping with ecigs for over a year now. Since I’ve stopped with regular cigarette smoking, I started hiking, walking, riding dirt bikes again and have lost over 40 lbs.

Cindy : I smoked for 40 years and was a 2 pack a day smoker..Yes I love my e-cig and had they have not been invented I would still be a smoker..One thing that is misinforming is that you don’t have to put nicotine in the e-cig. The second is, (most of my research indicates) that nicotine is about as dangerous as a cup of coffee. As adults (not kids) We have the right to smoke these because they cause no harm to anyone else, period. Hopefully these will not be another choice the government takes away.

Anonymous user: (People say:)   “….E-cigarettes are marketed to smokers as a means to wean them off of tobacco….”. No, they are not. They are marketed as a smoking alternative that does not risk others with “second hand smoke” and therefore can be used anywhere, and that part is true. Even this article does not quote any dangers to others, only to the smoker himself and even that much less than regular cigarettes.

Jeff: I have used E-cigs to cut down on my nicotine intake, and it has worked, not just that, but I have saved hundreds of dollars as well. E-cigs have no carcinogens either. I worked my way from 18mg nicotine, to 12, to 6, then 0mg, now I am completely cigarette/e-cig free. I have talked to 2 doctors, and they both would recommend e-cigs over cigarettes simply because of the 0 carcinogen levels. No second hand smoke either!

Anonymous user: people are not taking up vaping just for the fun of it , theses are people who ARE finding a positive solution to help quit the cigarettes all bit it the nicotine is still there , its a starting point to be able to gradually reduce the intake of nicotine until the craving for it ceases , plus the added benefits of not smelling of tobacco or smoking tobacco.
As for fruit flavors aimed at youngsters that is just absolute rubbish , these products are not to be sold to persons under the age of 18 just the same as cigarettes.
Regards, ex smoker.

Anonymous user: The one thing about using an E cig is the ladies liked me more with not smelling like an ashtray, I am going to try to quit again next month since my ex is no longer with me and I moved out of my roach invested apartment with two of the main stress factors gone I am going to start using an E cig next month to quit for my New Years resolution for next year. It will be nice to have an extra $140 a month extra to try a new hobby.

Anonymous user: First of all…… I grew up with my parents smoking and everyone I knew and went to school with, their parents smoked and all had healthy children, there was no ADD or autism like there is today. Second I smoked for 40 years, a pack or more a day and I started vaping, have not touched a cigarette since and it has been 4 months. I started at 18 mg of nicotine and I am down to 6 headed for 0, I feel better, I can breathe better and my skin feels better.
Tom: I used e-cigarettes for 4 months when I quit smoking cigarettes. Haven’t had an e-cig or a real one in two years as of next month. My wife went from a pack and a half a day to using an e-cig a few time a day in five months. I work at a major liberal university where they practically stone smokers, the e-cig I smoked at my desk in my office and no one said a word. I know several other people who used to smoke and use these now.

Matthew: I remember when I went to the doctors office and overheard the doctor tell a patient please smoke ecigs every other time you smoke, its not good for you but with the thousand other chemicals missing from a regular cig, its better. I’ve smoked ecigs ever since and don’t feel as good as when I had quit previously but a hell of a lot better than when I smoked regular cigs. I’ve also taken advantage to go down to the reduced nicotine cartridges. It was tough at first but a significantly helpful step towards my goal of quitting permanently like I did before one of my best friends died.

Chris: Pick a day to quit, and do it with zero compromise. Every time I started again it was from thinking I would just have the one I got from someone. Eventually buying packs again. I had a co-worker who enjoyed his job for 40yrs, but smoked all the time. He retired, had to walk with tubes up his nose, trucking a oxygen bottle with him. Patches, and other stuff is b.s. Just do it, and remember the #1 rule: To never have just have the one!

John K: 20 year smoker myself, and I haven’t had a regular cigarette in almost 3 months since I discovered “vaping”. Unlike the e-cig, it’s a 2 part mechanism consisting of a battery and a clear “tank” that has a heating coil element inside. The whole thing is maintained and refilled with vaping “juice” by the user. I started at 20mg nicotine and now down to 6mg. IMO I got the cessation I was looking for that I didn’t get with the ecig. I give tons of credit to that thing as the reason I’m cigarette free. I understand that it may not be the best thing to do to your body, just like many other things I have done or may do, but now I can say that my clothes don’t smell anymore. Neither does my breath (like cigs, at least), my car, and the rooms with open windows I may have been standing next to when smoking outside. Did I mention I get my sense of smell back too?

Joshua: I’m a smoker through an through, but e-cigs let me go from a pack a day habit to only using e-cigs now for the last year. I’ve been cutting the nicotine in my juice down with each new batch I make till I’m down now to about 8 mg/ml (compared to a start point of around 30 mg/ml. If your a non-smoker and you start vaping your an idiot just as you are when a cigarette smoker put his first cancer stick in his mouth. But for the die-hards who are already hooked, this is certainly the less noxious of the two options. Eventually I’ll have my nicotine down to zero and then quitting for good may be something that I’m willing to do as I don’t have the monkey putting it to my lips anymore, but in the meantime I wish people would see this for what it is.

Christopher: I’ve been a two pack per day smoker for more than 15 years. I tried everything to quit patches, gum, medicine… nothing worked. One day I had a meeting with a sales rep in a restaurant. I kept having to go outside to smoke. The sales rep finally told me to try her BLU electronic cigarette. It gave me the full, tingling sensation in my lungs that I craved. I ended up buying an eCigarettes of my own, and worked my way down from full nicotine, to none at all. I haven’t used my eCigarette or any other nicotine-containing products in two and a half years now. It worked great for me, but then a again, I really, really wanted to quit smoking.

James: I haven’t had a cigarette in over 6 months since I started vaping. I’m down to 6 mgs. There is one major difference between smoking a cigarette and vaping: With a cigarette you smoke the whole thing. At $6 a pack no one’s going to throw away half a cigarette. With vaping, generally I’ll just take a couple of puffs and I’m good, and probably not do it again for an hour or so.

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