Dessert ecigs?

Read about this article on Steve K’s vaping world (excellent ecig blog site BTW)

This company sells ecigs in several dessert flavors. They also claim that vaping ecig are healthier than desserts. Making such claims is plain wrong on many levels:

1) Irresponsible – selling ecigs as being healthy is totally misleading. Yes – they are healthier than traditional tobacco cigarettes but they are not an dieting alternative!

2) When they make such claims they get the entire industry into trouble. If ecig companies cannot control themselves they will invoke the ire of Senators and Congressmen who will use an iron fist and rule in favor of the cigarette lobbies.

3) Are they marketing to non-smokers? That would not be a good thing: in fact that would be a very bad thing. TheMagicMist and other honest ecig companies such as SafeCig would probably tell you that when it comes to choosing amongst a nicotine vs. a nicotine-free lifestyle, the latter always wins. Being a slave to an addiction is not a sign of freedom but quite the opposite.

Please don’t market ecigs as a health product. It is healthier but not healthy per-se.

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