Do Celebrities Resort to Electronic Cigarettes?

You can bet if there is something that hits the market that draws the public’s attention that the celebrities are going to be quick to attach their name to it in some way. It is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to gain publicity. A sure sign of this is all the publicity that celebs such as  Katerine Heigl, JWoww and yes even Leo DiCaprio received when vaping away on their e-smokes in public.

So the real question is, did these stars as well as others jump on the band wagon of using the e-cigs because they thought that there were some benefits from this new form of smoke device? Or did they feel it was the trendy thing to do? The answer to this can only come from the celebs themselves on an individual basis.

While some were only seen to be vaping, others spoke out about the smokeless cigs. Danny Bonaduce spoke out about his take on the electronic cigarettes and was even joined in his thoughts with past MLB baseball star Jose Canseco. This is interesting as many of us perceive both current and past athletes as being anti-smoking gurus.

Not only are several actors and actresses making use of the e-cigs off the set, but on as well. If you saw the movie “The Tourist”, then you would have observed Johnny Depp vaporing away on a smokeless cig.

The bottom line is, does this indicate that if the stars are doing it that we should to? Well it all depends if you are a follower of the trend setters. The best advice would be if you have an interest in e-cigs then do your research, reach your own conclusions about them, and determine if they are right for you.

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