Do E-cigs Produce Second-Hand Vapor?



Tobacco cigarettes are harmful for you and people around you. If you smoke traditional cigarettes regularly then you should look for different ways to deal with your smoking addiction to avoid causing damage to the health of people around you. A good alternative is to consider electronic cigarettes which are smokeless.

The most attractive feature of the electronic cigarette is the vapor-like smoke which is created when you puff on it, just like a real cigarette. The vapor is created as a product of the nicotine locked in the nicotine cartridge which is heated up by the atomizer device, generating vapor smoke, without the nasty smell of tobacco. In this way you can get the nicotine fix that quells craving and keeps withdrawal at bay without having to smoke a real cigarette which contains tobacco and tar.

Most people wonder if the vapor produced from the electronic cigarette is just as harmful as the smoke that emits from a traditional cigarette. While no studies have officially proven this, the most successful theories all state that since the contents of the vapor produced by electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco which is the main harmful substance in smoke produced by traditional cigarettes.

The vapor produced by electronic cigarettes is colorless, odorless and devoid of any harmful substance. This is why many premises that ban smoking indoors allow smokers to smoke electronic cigarettes in the same premises. Many offices have started to allow smokers to smoke electronic cigarettes indoors as it allows uninterrupted productivity without producing any undesirable smells, or creating health hazards that can harm other employers in the vicinity of the smoker.

The vapor produced does not have the forty different types of priority carcinogenic toxins that are found in the smoke emitting from traditional cigarettes. These are the main toxins that cause fatalities as a result of second hand smoke. While quitting smoking is the healthiest option, if you are not ready to make that commitment, switching to electronic cigarettes is a better way to ensure that you and those around you are healthier and not exposed to dangerous chemicals because of your habit.


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