Do you have cartridges compatible with my brand of eCig?


We get this question a lot – do you have a cartridge that is compatible with my eCig brand? Here’s what you can do to do figure this out the easiest way:

Step 1: Go to our homepage at See if it is listed on our homepage. If it is listed then all is sweet!

Step 2: If not listed on the homepage send out an email to In many cases they will know the answer (yes, no). If they are not sure they will actually send out a cartridge pack for you to try. If it works – all is well and good. If not they may decide to ask their engineers to make a line of cartridges compatible.

Recently MagicMist launched a line of products (Mirage) that are 100% compatible with Mistic eCigs. It was developed by their engineers in response to a customer query.

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