Do You Really Know What E-Cigarettes Are?

Many people are curious as to really what e-cigarettes are, even if they are non-smokers.  For those that are not too familiar with these, they assume that they are a cigarette replacement device that just gives the users the illusion that they are really smoking. This is a misconception, but it is not uncommon for those that are trying to stop smoking to utilize this device for that very purpose.

What is important to know is that these electronic smokes could contain approximately the same amount of nicotine that a standard cigarette would. Most brands possess a liquid solution made up of either glycol or a glycerin base, or even polyethylene glycol. These compounds vary slightly according to their form and all come under government regulations. For example, propylene glycol has been deemed safe by the FDA in the US. It is often used in other products such as pharmaceuticals. When these compounds are used in the e-cig, they are transformed into a mist through vaporization.

You may hear or read about some controversies as to the safeness of this type of smoking product. This is based mostly on the claims of their comparison of constituting potential health risks, compared to the standard type cigarettes. There are a lot of arguments on both sides as to whether they are a better alternative for the individual who enjoys smoking, or for those who are using it as a stepping stone to quit smoking. The only real way to determine whose right would be for an individual to fully educate themselves about this form of smoke product, and then drawing their own conclusions on their findings.

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