E-cig Company Touts Biggest Savings, but who offers the real bargain?


Just a few days ago, I ran across an article with a headline that read, “Fusion Electronic Cigarettes Claims 40% Lower Cost with Free Shipping.” Of course I had to find out exactly what this deal really was. Their sub-headline stated the brand claims the “average smoker saves 30% when buying their brand compared to other major online retailers.”

This might lead the average person to believe that the Firelight Fusion brand offers the best value of any company out there, but the key here is “other major retailers.” Sometimes you have to read between the lines. Who do they consider major retailers? Which brands and values have they actually compared? Of course, the point is to twist the information in order to benefit their own brand, but it is a reminder that before taking anything you read too seriously, you’ve still got to do your due diligence by comparing the facts.

Firelight Fusion claims that those who are looking for e-cigs and want to save money without sacrificing quality will find the best deals on their website. Apparently they have not checked the prices of all other online retailers, as The Magic Mist still beats the prices of Fusion, and also offers free shipping.

Firelight offers fewer options for nicotine strength, and states that their cost of $9.95 for five cartridges per pack is the “best price the industry has to offer.”

The Magic Mist offers cartridges with a variety of nicotine strengths including 0, 6, 12, 18 and 24 milligrams at a cost of $8.45 for five.

Just another reminder not to believe everything you read. The Magic Mist trumps another brand in value once again!

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