E-cigarettes get help from Trump, but need more from Congress (Washington Examiner)

Advocates of e-cigarettes got some help from the Trump administration last week in their effort to keep a major regulation from taking effect in August. But they still need some help from Congress.

The Trump administration last week moved to delay all regulatory deadlines facing e-cigarette makers. Chief among the deadlines is one requiring e-cigarette makers to submit an application by August with the Food and Drug Administration to get federal approval of their products. Even some products that are on store shelves would have to submit an application alongside any new product applications.

But e-cigarette groups are saying the move to delay the August deadline is only a temporary salve and that Congress is going to need to make any change permanent.

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“If you don’t have your application filed, then it is a felony to continue to sell your product,” said Greg Conley, president of the American Vaping Association. The FDA set a grandfather date of Feb. 15, 2007, which means that any product made before …

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E-cigarettes get help from Trump, but need more from Congress – Washington Examiner

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Author: Gregory Conley

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