E-Cigs Popularity Continues to Grow While Steps to Curb Tobacco Use Increase


An article released on Friday, September 14, by CSP Daily News reports that sales of e-cigarettes continue to be rising over the last 12 months and most retailers expect the trend to continue. Some retailers have even experienced their sales doubling.

One of the retailers noted that “customers are getting more familiar with them and are more willing to try them,” while another stated, “With cigarette smoke becoming socially and lawfully unacceptable in public facilities, e-cigs offer an alternative.” He adds, “Our society in general may not be so offended by nicotine as much as the smoke tobacco cigarettes create.”

It only makes since that the trend is shifting from tobacco to vaping. Without the hazards of second hand smoke, in addition to far less harmful effects and being much cheaper to use, could tobacco use eventually become a thing of the past?

In Australia, officials approved a move towards using plain packaging just last month, which will force tobacco companies to remove all branding from their products. They will only be allowed to sell tobacco in generic olive green packets along with graphic health warnings. Australia’s laws have become the toughest in the world, and many feel that other nations will soon follow suit. Tobacco companies are worried that this will set a global precedent.

Some believe this highlights the move toward banning tobacco altogether as officials in the UK and across Europe as well as the United States are working on introducing similar legislation. Could the next generation grow up without tobacco?

With e-cigarettes providing the nicotine hit without the inhalation of some 499 chemicals and without the danger to others of breathing passive smoke, it is feasible to imagine a world where vaping is the norm and traditional tobacco smoke fading into the past like manual typewriters and rotary-dial telephones.

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