Your Basics On Mods & E-Liquids

You hear the word “mod” often associated with ecigarettes, but what are they really?  It’s essentially a modified ecigarette that you modify to your own specifications.


Sometimes, they will be referred to as APV or Advanced Personal Vaporizers and they allow the user to adjust the voltage, flavors, and allow users to replace the battery.  Some products even allow the users to measure and manage their vaping history.


How It Works:

...........Mods can come in all shapes and sizes. You can build them up with extenders so you can stack your batteries or you can shorten them. Most mods come a dial of some sort to control either, variable voltage, variable wattage, airflow, or a combination of all three. It’s very important to understand and follow the limitations of your unit. Selecting a mod that cannot handle your battery output or an atomizer that is not compatible with your variable voltage or wattage is a recipe for malfunction or worse… combustion.


You’re reading up on the perfect mod for you and it says “variable voltage” and then “variable wattage” – what does that even mean?  When a mod has variable voltage, it means that the power output is specified to a certain level,meaning that is it very important to have the correct atomizer/ohms.  And when there is variable wattage, it means that your mod will automatically change the voltage based on the atomizer. Voltage is definitely for vapers who are interested in knowing the minute ins-and-outs of their device. Wattage is a little easier to use because their less math involved. Or you can be one of those advanced vapers whose device can manipulate both.

So, you have your e-cigarette mod and are now ready to test out some new flavors, and boy, are there a lot of options out there.

But, what really is e-liquid?

There are 4 main components that are put together for your vaping experience. Nicotine:  You choose the level of nicotine you want for your e-liquid.  You can even choose 0  mg and have absolutely no nicotine present in your vape.


6-19-2014 1-02-24 PMRanging from fruity, to savory to sweet, the options are endless of what flavor you would like to vape on. Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin: This dilutes the liquid, and helps create the proper “vapor” when you take a drag of your mod (FDA approved substances). Water: Another diluting component. There you have it, those are the basics.   There is a lot to learn about mods, and e-liquids and it can get much more complicated, but we wanted to give you the quick basics to sound like a vaping pro!

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