eCigs nicotine strengths – what do they mean?


A question asked by some users is how to interpret nicotine levels in ecigs. There are several systems that companies use to describe this important detail:

  1. High-Medium-Low: Good old system that works for t-shirts as well eCigs: easy to follow but vague. For instance, v2 cigs’ High is not the same as blucigs
  2. Milligrams – from 0 mg to 36 mg and beyond.
  3. Milliliters – 0 ml to 30 ml and beyond
  4. Percentage – 0%, 1.8%, 4% etc. Mistic, for example has 1.8% strength for its cartridges.

But these are not all interchangeable. The only ones that you can translate exactly are from milligrams(mg) to percentage(%). 1.8% is the same as 18mg.


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