ECigarettes and pregnancy


Today I heard the question being asked “Can I use ecigs instead of traditional cigarettes during pregnancy’. Well to you the truth I was shocked by the ignorance. Cigarettes are really really bad for pregnant moms and cause huge damage to the unborn child.

I am no doctor but can assure you that nicotine is also really bad for the fetus. It easily crosses the placenta and concentrations in the fetus can be as much as 15 percent higher than maternal levels. Nicotine concentrates in fetal blood, amniotic fluid, and breast milk. Combined, these factors can have severe consequences for unborn baby.

Though cigarettes are really really bad for you nicotine is bad too (and hence ecigs as well). We at the TheMagicMist want to remind you that any addiction is fundamentally not good. Definitely kick the habit of traditional cigarettes and if possible ecigs as well.


If you are an expectant mother then quit all forms of nicotine intake. If you are not an expecting mother but are planning on having a baby then quit the smoking/ecig habit before you go down the wonderful journey of bringing a healthy baby in this world. You owe it your baby’s well-being.

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