Ecigarettes are not eco-friendly! But you can do your part


Electronic cigarettes have revolutionized smoking to a considerable degree. Not only is it a healthier alternative to smoking tar-filled conventional cigarettes, it is also an environment friendly way to smoke, if you know how to make proper use of the batteries required to operate the e-cigarette. When you use these batteries properly, the “e” in e-cigarette can easily stand for “environmental”!

The E-cigarette is reusable. It gets charged through an electronic outlet or a car charger, which is why you wouldn’t need to worry about ash or disposing cigarette butts. It is meant to provide smokers with all the substance and familiarity they achieve from regular cigarettes in a more environment friendly way as it generates less waste.

Electronic cigarettes are operated by a lithium battery. It does not require any flame so there is no danger of accidentally setting things on fire. There are plenty of replacement batteries available so you do not have to go through the expense of purchasing packets and packets of cigarettes. The accessibility of the cigarettes also makes it easier for you to smoke less, as you would not have to constantly worry about where and when you will buy your next packet from.

It is essential to know how to dispose off your lithium batteries as they can damage the environment if they are just tossed away, as the lithium ion has components that damages the earth and soil and does not decompose on its own.

Therefore, when you are about to dispose off your e-cigarette which has a lithium battery make sure that the battery is drained completely. Then you should tape up the contacts with electrical tape, and then package it in a way that ensures that the contacts never come together at any point during this process.

Lithium batteries are capable of incineration, especially if you have a huge quantity of them. But if you need to incinerate your lithium batteries, you first have to label them as lithium ion battery. Incineration does not mean tossing them into your fireplace.

You need to get your lithium batteries incinerated by an approved and licensed waste treatment facility that is specialized in handling batteries with lithium ions. If you are unsure about your waste facility’s ability to handle lithium ions, you should contact them and inquire about their verification and permission to handle lithium ions to ensure the safety of the environment.





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