Electronic cigarettes in Dominican Republic

I am a traveler and I am particularly partial to the Carribean and South America. While traveling to the Dominican Republic I came across multiple cigar and novelty stores that were selling electronic cigarettes of the Green Smoke brand. As TheMagicMist folks would readily testify – GreenSmoke is among the top quality ecig companies – quite better than blu.

I decided to pop in into the cigar stores to check in on them. As you would expect cigar stores make most of their money catering to tourists who are dying to try the taboo Cubans and are willing to fork over top dollar for their-ever first puff of Cohiba and Montecristos. However away from rows of shelves of cigars and close to the checkout counter was a display case of neatly arranged GreenSmoke disposable ecigs. Tobacco and Menthol flavors. Also a GreenSmoke starter kit.

I asked the expat (Canadian?) owner of the store how these were doing. He told me that the sales are very few and some people ask questions about the product, few buy and very few repeat sales. Told me because many customers are tourists they rarely return anyway. Not many focused on improving their health especially with a cigar in hand.

Quite a contrast from the USA then – ecigs sell quite well in 7-Elevens and Tobaccco stores in the USA.

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