Five healthy resolutions for the new year you really can keep


A lot of the basic things your body and mind deserve are really very easy to do if you consciously plan them yourselves

  1. Get more sleep: Sleep is a natural process where the body and mind rejuvenate themselves. Lack of sleep can kill you – very slowly at first but after a few years it speeds up aging and the changes are permanent. Lack of sleep does interrupt normal brain functions, affects emotions, physical processes of the body, releases toxins and impacts job performance and safety.
  2. Drink water: no not soda drinks, Gatorade or other caffeinated drinks. Not even fruit juices or smoothies or sparkling water. Plain water. 
  3. Eat your veggies: eat the meats and deserts you love but also eat foods higher in fiber and vegetables in general. Veggies are not only in salads but can be easily added to pasta, baked preparations and international foods: thai, chinese, indian, mexican and vietnamese. Veggies are really tasty too and it all depends on how you cook them.
  4. Get more exercise: If your weekly exercise regimen is more like 0 hours you need change that asap. Even if you exercise less than 3-4 hours a week you should consider increasing that. Will help you age gracefully. And exercise need not be in a gym. The world around you is really beautiful. Get out there if you can and see nature. 
  5. Give up cigarettes and nicotine: Try to quit cigarettes or at least drastically reduce consumption of cigarettes in general. Even electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine which is not good for health. Miles better than cancer-stick cigarettes but still do contain nicotine. 


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