Five Things that Make E-Smoking a better Smoking Experience

Like it or not, many smokers smoke to get an experience. At times it is a call from the boss to accompany him to the cigar room and at others; it is a friendly gathering over a poker table. Smoking by choice is hardly a question. Smoking by pressure is usually the answer of most smoking experiences.

Given this, smoking electronic cigarette becomes a better smoking experience when

  1. You are not really in a mood to smoke but have to smoke because of social pressure. You can take along your e-cig to gatherings where smoking can go a little off the board. In which case the E-cig will keep you connected with your loved ones without tobacco over dosage.
  2. You want to show off a new smoking style with a different e-cig design. Market is full of small and large to plain and colorful e-cigarette options. Pick an e-cig to match your overall dressing style and make a bold smoking statement.
  3. You want to enjoy smoking in public areas including the ones found in hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. Many recreational places and offices are getting more and more lenient on e-smokers versus conventional smokers.
  4. You are not really a smoker but smoke because of other reasons. A single most highly ranked smoking reason amongst non-smokers is the urge to mark an impression. In which case smoking an e-cig is definitely cooler and trendier than the conventional paper wrapped cigarette.
  5. You are short of budget and still want to enjoy a puff or two. E-cigarettes, if bought intelligently, can prove to be highly cost effective option to conventional smoking.
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