Guidelines for Incorporating the Electronic Cigarette into Your Life Style


So you have done your homework about electronic cigarettes, and have decided that you would like to start making use of them. Being as these are a new concept to smoking you may feel a little awkward about implementing them into your normal smoking regime.

First you need to get used to the look and feel of them. Depending on the particular brand that you have chosen to use, some will be more compatible in appearance with standard cigarettes than others. As a user of standard cigarettes you are used to the feel of the paper and filter of the cigarette when you are holding them. You will experience a different feel with your e-smoke. You will probably want to get comfortable with this feel before you use them in public.

Make sure that you have the proper mindset as to why you have decided to use the electronic cigarette. You should be aware that they are not accepted as being a standard cigarette replacement, and that no supplier of these devices can tell you that they are less harmful to your health compared to a regular cigarette. You have come to the conclusion to implement these e-cigs in your smoking regime based on your own reasons and conclusions. By being aware of this you will feel comfortable when asked why you have decided to use them, and what your opinions are.

Make sure that you have done your research as to what the electronic cigarette is and is not. You will then feel knowledgeable about being included in a conversation about them. This commonly happens when you are using them in a setting where others are not familiar with the e-smokes.

Many smokers have come to the point where they feel guilty about smoking and will often become defensive when they are challenged about their habits. By having the answers to the use of electronic cigarettes based on your opinion, you will not likely become so defensive or annoyed about the subject of smoking.

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