Heads Up – News – Updates 12.05.2019

Call to Action for Palo Alto, CA total ban. Oxnard, CA bans flavored nicotine, allows cannabis dispensaries. Massachusetts flavor ban costs $93 million. Heads Up Chico, CA. Data on youth initiation and flavors shows why CDC sat on the info until it could no longer stall.

PALO ALTO, CA: (CALL TO ACTION!) A yet-to-be drafted ordinance that would restrict or ban sale of vapor products is moving toward a vote on:
December 9, 2019 @ 5:00 PM

Your voice is our strength and even one voice can make a difference! Take action NOW!

CA – Palo Alto – Stop an All-Out Ban on Vapor Products!

OXNARD, CA: (UPDATE) City bans non-tobacco flavored products, incl. mint, citing teen use & EVALI. Then votes to allow cannabis dispensaries. We now live in a world where SMOKING cannabis is deemed safer than SMOKE-FREE nicotine flavors. #TUTALInotEVALI

Oxnard sets regulations on pot dispensaries, bans flavored tobacco

MASSACHUSETTS: “Flavor Ban Expected to Cost State $93 Million.”

If you ban all soda except diet grapefruit flavor, then tax soda at 75%, how much revenue would you expect? And claiming teens vape for the flavors makes as much sense as claiming they drink beer for the bubbles.

Flavored tobacco ban expected to cost state $93 million

CHICO, CA: (HEADS UP!) City considering flavor ban or tobacco licensing to combat teen vaping. Ordinance could be back for discussion by the beginning of 2020. If you live in Chico, contact lawmakers & tell them to enforce existing laws & not ban flavors!

Chico City Council moves closer towards banning flavored tobacco in city

SCIENCE-BASED POLICIES: CDC finally released results of 2019 Youth Survey. Over 55% tried vaping out of curiosity (thanks to government/ANTZ warning ads) and less than 1/4 said for flavors (we suspect it’s a preference, not a reason.) It’s disgusting that they had this data since September and still called for flavor bans! Advocates can and should use this new data to fight flavor bans in their area!

Tobacco Product Use and Associated Factors Among Middle …

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Author: KNoll-Marsh

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