Heads Up – News – Updates 12.11.2018

DOH falsely claims “substantial evidence” that #vaping increases future smoking risk (vs. those who vape likely already at risk to smoke); irresponsibly claims vapers “may be” less likely to quit smoking than smokers who don’t vape. 

Tennessee Department of Health Issues Updated Public Health Advisory on E-Cigarettes – Clarksville, TN Online

THE MORE YOU KNOW: (KENTUCKY) High school #smoking down to 14.3% (2017) from 16.9% (2016)! #Vaping products (2017) use at 14.1% (according to Truth Initiative). Clearly no “gateway effect,” yet health advocates still want to ban flavors/indoor use & tax??

Photo Credit: Truth Initiative
Photo Credit: Truth Initiative

This article was originally published at CASAA
Author: KNoll-Marsh

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