Heads Up – News – Updates 12.17.2019

Congress gets closer to federal Tobacco/Vapor 21 law. New York City and Nassau County, NY ignore most recent data and pass flavor bans. Lincoln, Nebraska and New Hanover, North Carolina deny businesses choice to cater to vapers.

FEDERAL: (HEADS UP!) Tobacco/Vapor 21 law passed Tues. in the House as part of federal spending bill. Bill must pass Senate by Friday to avoid partial shutdown. Law would take effect 9 months after president signs. Of course, ANTZ still want flavor bans.

Don’t forget that Hawaii raised to 21 back in 2016. Yet, they had the 2nd highest rate of high school vaping in the nation last year. There’s little to no evidence that raising the age will reduce teen vaping. However, some research suggests it may actually raise teen smoking.

Congress Poised To Raise Smoking Age To 21

NASSAU COUNTY, NY: (UPDATE) Ignoring latest data on youth vaping & flavors (only 13.8% tried flavored vapes,) County Executive Laura Curran signs flavor ban into law. Intended to stop “Big Tobacco,” the law will only hurt small businesses & adult vapers.

Curran signs ban on flavored vaping products

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA: (UPDATE) Without proving any need to “formalize” the already existing choice of businesses to prohibit vaping (& no exemption for over-21 businesses,) city misleads public that vaping has same risks as smoking by adding to public use ban.

There is NO law preventing businesses from prohibiting vaping in THEIR establishment. As the article states, many businesses already prohibit vaping, which is their legal right. Absolutely no need for a law that removes CHOICE for ADULT businesses that WANT to allow vaping.

Lincoln City Council bans vaping inside workplaces, public spaces

NEW YORK CITY, NY: (UPDATE) Ignoring latest data on youth vaping & flavors (only 13.8% tried flavored vapes,) NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio signs total flavor ban law. Intended to stop “Big Tobacco,” the law will only hurt small businesses & adult vapers.

De Blasio signs ban of all flavored e-cig into law

NEW HANOVER, NORTH CAROLINA: (HEADS UP) It’s not too late to let the County Commission know that businesses like restaurants, theaters & stores ALREADY have the legal right to ban vaping. There’s no need for a law to FORCE businesses that WANT to cater to ADULT vapers to stop!

Public vaping bans are based on the LIE of risk to bystanders or “we don’t know.” Even if you agree on not vaping in most public spaces, laws MUST be evidence-based!These laws reinforce the belief of danger in the public mind, leaving them open to agree with MORE restrictions.

New Hanover health board passes new rules on vaping, smoking; Final decision in hands of County Commission

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