Heads Up – News – Updates 12.4.2018

CINCINNATI, OHIO: HEADS UP! Cincinnati Public Schools board urged passing Tobacco/Vapor 21 within the geographic boundaries of CPS. ordinance will be discussed in council’s Budget and Finance Committee DEC. 10 and will be UP FOR A VOTE DEC. 12.


IN THE NEWS: (AUSTRALIA) Smoking rates stagnant (only 0.6% drop 2013-16), INCREASES in two age groups, in spite of astronomical taxes and plain packaging. Ban on nicotine vapor products continues, while US & UK saw 2.3% & 2.6% drops in same time period.


IN THE NEWS: (MARYLAND) Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland is leading an effort to prohibit adult smokers 18-20 access to safer #vaping products.


IN THE NEWS: (TEXAS) Tobacco 21 initiative pushes to prohibit smoking adults 18-20 from access to safer #vaping products.


This article was originally published at CASAA
Author: KNoll-Marsh

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