Heads Up – News – Updates 2.7.2019

Tobacco harm reduction news for February 7, 2019. Anti-harm reduction laws in Hawaii, Oklahoma, Indiana and Colorado.

COLORADO: (HEADS UP!) Bill HB 19-1033 passes in House, allowing municipalities to increase tax on #vaping products, which would also reduce affordability for adults, & deny adult #smokers & #vapers 18-20 access to much safer alternative vapor products.


INDIANA: (HEADS UP!) Separate bills would deny adult #smokers and #vapers 18-20 access to much safer alternative #vaping products, and add a 4¢ per ml tax to vaping products. Separate bill would add 8¢ per ml tax.

Indiana could raise smoking age, start vaping liquids tax

PURCELL, OKLAHOMA: (HEADS UP!) City bans use of all #vaping products on all OUTDOOR city property “open to the general public for recreational purposes.” Shockingly, article states “possession” alone is also a misdemeanor, even if not being used!

No smoking, vaping

HAWAII: (HEADS UP!) House Bill 387 would prohibit consumers from receiving #vaping and smoke-free tobacco products ordered or purchased through a remote sale (ie. no direct online sales), and applies cigarette and tobacco tax laws to #vapor products.


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Author: KNoll-Marsh

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