Heads Up – News – Updates 4.12.2019

DELAWARE: (UPDATE) House denies some ADULTS who already smoke or #vape access to far safer alternative products and will likely use law as justification for adding taxes and further regs later. Tell Gov to VETO!CASAA on T21: https://bit.ly/2TWa2qB

‘Critical Time To Protect Our Youth’: Delaware House Approves Raising Legal Age To Buy Tobacco Products To 21

ARKANSAS: (UPDATE) In order to fund income tax cuts for lower income citizens & encourage smoking cessation, gov’t irrationally increasing cost of the most effective smoking cessation products available to lower income citizens with 67% “privilege tax.”

Ark. House Passes Income Tax Cut, Electric Cigarette Tax – Law360

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Researcher Dr. Daniela Berg, head of the Clinic for Neurology at Kiel University, says research has found that, besides diet & exercise, there is “hardly anything other than nicotine that has been found to protect against Parkinson’s.”

Does nicotine actually help protect against Parkinson’s disease? | DW | 11.04.2019

WISCONSIN: Watch the 2nd Joint Committee on Finance Budget 2019 Public Hearing from this past Wednesday held in Oak Creek. This will give advocates an idea of what our opposition is saying in support of the 71% retail and floor tax and against vaping. The Committee is giving speakers just 2 minutes, so be sure to bring a written comment to hand in.

Hearing link: https://wiseye.org/2019/04/10/joint-committee-on-finance-budget-2019-public-hearing-in-oak-creek/

Vaping discussed at around 1:58, 2:13, 2:18, 2:52, 2:56, 3:05, 4:35, 4:36 & 8:14.

Next meeting is MONDAY, April 15th in River Falls, WI. ARRIVE EARLY TO SIGN UP! As you can see in the video, only one vaping advocate was allowed to speak at the very end.

Call to Action Link: http://www.casaa.org/call-to-action/wi-stop-an-outrageous-attack-on-vaping/

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Author: KNoll-Marsh

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