Heads Up – News – Updates 4.17.2019

WISCONSIN: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATED!) The final Joint Committee on Finance public hearing is April 24th in Green Bay. CASAA urges members to attend this hearing and speak in opposition to this tax or use the contact info in the CTA to contact your representatives!

WI – Stop an Outrageous 71% Tax on Vaping! (UPDATED)

NATIONAL: (HEADS UP!) A horrific bill, known as the “Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act,” would decimate the vaping industry, block tobacco harm reduction efforts and leave adults with fewer alternatives to smoking & higher costs with Tobacco 21, banning non-tobacco flavors, prohibiting online sales, authorizing FDA to collect $100 million in user fees and giving the agency power to regulate synthetic nicotine and to extend rules on cigarettes, such as graphic warning labels, to much safer vapor and smoke-free products.

New Bill in Congress Would Destroy the Vape Industry – Vaping360

ARKANSAS: (CORRECTION) We’ve been informed that the legislature website was not current, so our last update was in error. SB571 was pulled by the sponsor for an “interim study,” but he plans to spend the next two years “building support.” Stay vigilant, harm reduction advocates!

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA: (UPDATE) City bans flavored #smokefree products, which surveys indicate actually HELP ADULTS who smoke SUCCESSFULLY DISASSOCIATE from taste of cigarette smoke. Youth experimentation more worrisome to them than saving adult lives.

Sacramento city council bans flavored tobacco products

This article was originally published at CASAA
Author: KNoll-Marsh

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