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FLORIDA: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) Tobacco/Vaping 21 laws blocking ANY adult who smokes from safer alternatives are not only UNETHICAL, they open the door for flavor bans, online bans and excess taxes. DON’T GIVE IN!

HB 7119 (Tobacco & Vaping 21) is on the House schedule for 2nd reading and moving to a vote. Take action and send your state rep a message urging them to VOTE NO!

CASAA on T21: https://bit.ly/2TWa2qB

FL – Keep Vaping Legal for ALL Adults Who Smoke

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Researchers suggest higher doses of nicotine and dual use (using NRT before quitting smoking) has small but higher odds of success. Meanwhile, ANTZ continue to decry higher nicotine and dual use of #vaping products with 2x efficacy.

Two NRTs Better than One

RESEARCH: FDA/NIH-funded study finds strong evidence minors who try vapor products before or instead of #smoking, or have parents who switched to #vaping, are far less likely to smoke. Recommends getting parents to switch rather than focus on teen vaping.


THE MORE YOU KNOW: Research suggests SMELL of chocolate, apple, peppermint, lemon or vanilla is effective for helping adults who smoke fight cravings, but according to ANTZ, the TASTE of those same flavors in #vaping products aren’t helping adults quit?

Sniffing pleasant aroma could reduce the urge of smoking

This article was originally published at CASAA
Author: KNoll-Marsh

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