Heads Up – News – Updates 5.9.2019

LOUISIANA: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) HB 38, which would deny people who smoke between the ages of 18 – 21 access to safer alternatives, is moving toward a hearing in the House Appropriations Committee.

Louisiana – Stop Tobacco AND Vaping 21!

SNOWMASS VILLAGE, COLORADO: (UPDATE) Council votes to treat #vaping and smoke-free products the same as combustible cigarettes, denying many people who smoke and vape access to far safer alternatives to smoking.

Council raises tobacco, e-cigarette purchasing age to 21 in Snowmass

BOISE, IDAHO: (UPDATE) City treats low risk vaping like smoking, misleading public into believing they have the same health risks and laying groundwork for more restrictive laws, denying businesses CHOICE to allow vaping in their own establishment.

You can’t vape where you can’t smoke in Boise, City Council rules

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA: (UPDATE) City misleads public to believe low risk, smoke-free vaping is same as smoking, bans use OUTDOORS and in bars without evidence of risk, $100 – $500 fines. Use bans often first step to justify more onerous laws later.

Columbia bans vaping at bars, restaurants. Yes, that includes the patio

OPINION: (Elise Amez-Droz) “The agency must stop using fear to scare people away from life-saving technology. Yes, teenage vaping should be discouraged and any actual issues with seizures addressed. But that doesn’t excuse the FDA’s ridiculous exaggerations.”

Unfounded fear is driving the FDA’s war against vaping – Orange County Register

REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA: (HEADS UP!) Without any evidence of risk to bystanders, city close to banning #vaping in ANY public area, including OUTSIDE ON SIDEWALKS, and BAN FLAVORED products that help people who smoke switch to far safer alternatives.

Redondo Beach closer to public smoking ban, including e-cigarettes and …….. – Daily Breeze

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Author: KNoll-Marsh

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