Heads Up – News – Updates 7.25.2019

KENTUCKY: (HEADS UP!) Proposed 27.5% tax on vapor products to reduce “vaping among teens and pregnant mothers” and raise “badly needed revenue.” But vape taxes shown to INCREASE pregnant teen smoking and fewer ADULT vapers means LOWER tax revenue!

High School smoking dropped from 24.1% to 14.3% (2011-2017) while vaping dropped from 23.4% to 14.1% (2015-2017). Adult smoking dropped 29% to 24.6% (2012-2018). KY should be more worried about that 24.6% adult smoking rate and keep vaping more affordable than smoking!

Tax on e-cigarettes proposed to curb the soaring youth vaping in Kentucky

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA: (UPDATE) City passes Tobacco/Vapor 21, denying adults 19-20 who smoke access to safer alternatives. Including vapor products in laws meant to deter youth smoking misleads the public on relative risks and obstructs smoking cessation.

Anchorage raises age to buy tobacco products to 21 – Alaska Public Media

MINNESOTA: (UPDATE) Without any evidence of harm to bystanders, statewide public vaping ban goes into effect August 1st. Such bans mislead public to believe vaping has high health risks, making them more willing to pass flavor/sales bans and higher taxes.

Law prohibiting indoor vaping goes into effect statewide Aug. 1

This article was originally published at CASAA
Author: KNoll-Marsh

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