Heads Up – News – Updates 8.21.2019

RESEARCH: National Survey on Drug Use and Health data counters “vaping a gateway to smoking” claim. Report states “Cigarette use generally declined…across all age groups. Some of this decline may reflect the use of electronic vaporizing devices.”

Vaping May Be Driving Down Smoking, Says Federal Survey Report

1) Many behaviors/environmental factors cause vessels to constrict WITHOUT CAUSING HARM, so there’s no proof that vaping will cause harm due to the temporary constriction.

2) “Constricted” does NOT equal the “ill-functioning,” “damaged” or “inflamed” vessels that are linked with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and other vascular diseases, yet the headlines WRONGLY use the terms interchangeably.

3) Vaping has NOT been shown to cause OTHER known risk factors for smoking-related PAD, such as carbon monoxide exposure, endothelial function, lipoprotein metabolism, coagulation pathways and platelet function.

Vaping May Harm Your Blood Flow—Even Without Nicotine

CHEYENNE, WYOMING: (HEADS UP!) City to VOTE MONDAY to make vapers, who have QUIT SMOKING, vape only in smoking areas and, without any evidence of harm to bystanders, deny business owners the right to allow vaping even in adult-only establishments.

Cheyenne City Council Weighs Impacts, Benefits of E-Cigarettes

COLUMBUS, INDIANA: (UPDATE) City passes ordinance, without any evidence of risk to bystanders, treating low risk vaping the same as smoking. Somehow a ban inside adult-only businesses, making people vape out on the sidewalk, will “set example” to teens.

Columbus smoking ordinance could include e-cigarettes

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Author: KNoll-Marsh

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