How do ecig discount codes work?



Everyone likes a great bargain. Electric cigarette coupon codes and discounts are freely available on the internet. This article points you not only to the best deals but also my goal is to tell you how the entire system works behind the scenes – who makes money when. Google is your friend but ecig related discounts are of three types:

  1. Promo codes on the ecig website itself
  2. Discount codes on the review websites
  3. Coupon codes on the various coupon sites out there

Promo codes on the websites are the most recent and are never expired and hence result in low frustration. Also the ecig companies make most money on these transactions as they do not share revenue with a middleman.

Discount codes on the review sites are the next best – they may be expired and cause some frustration for buyers. They also result in the ecig companies having to share some money with the review sites – usually something in tune with the discount amount itself. Yes, the ecig company incurs a double cost.

In case of coupon codes on coupon sites – these are many times stale and the coupon site mooches of the ecig site anyway. The ecig site ends up paying to the coupon site anyway (affiliate marketing reasons).

The reason that the cost to the electronic cigarette company matters is because the company has no choice but to pass on the additional marketing costs to customers. There is no such thing as a free puff. Hence buyers are advised to stay with the promo codes on the website or use discount codes from the review websites as long as the review website was really key to your choice of selecting that particular brand.

There is no harm in sharing credit where it is due. But just make sure that we are all able to keep costs down for ecig cartridges. Believe it or not – the customer decides the prices of cartridges in the long run.


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