How much money can you save by switching to eCigs?

There are a number of reasons traditional tobacco smokers make the switch to ecigarettes. Their friends and loved ones may have been nagging them about the noxious smell that lingers on their clothes, their breath, in their car, and basically everywhere they go.

When compared to a traditional cigarette, an electronic cigarette doesn’t contain tar and has 99.9% fewer carcinogens while the traditional cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals including known carcinogens and 400 other toxins.

With ecigarettes, those who vape inhale a vapor that is not only much less harmful to the body, but those who are around the smoker are not subjected to toxic second hand smoke or the annoying smell that permeates through everything.

While these reasons are likely on the forefront of the tobacco smoker’s mind when making the decision to get rid of traditional cigarettes, there is yet another strong argument for doing so when considering the cost of ecigarettes as compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes, and that’s the cost.

Consider how much the tobacco smoker will shell out for a pack-a-day habit. While prices vary across the nation, $7 is about the average cost per pack. Multiply that by seven and that’s $49 per week.

The average pack-a-day smoker will likely go through about five ecigarette cartridges per week. With the cost of those at around $10, or even less when purchased in bulk, that’s a savings of $39 each and every week, or over $2,000 per year.

In today’s economy that’s certainly not small change. What would you do with an extra $2,000?

Invest the money and turn it into more? Buy a new wardrobe and replace those old tobacco smelling clothes? Go on a trip? Perhaps there are some bills you’d like to pay off and reduce some of the stress that comes along with it.

Make the switch today and watch the savings pile up!

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