How to Choose the Strength and Flavor of E-Cigs

If you’re about to purchase an e-cig starter kit, you’ve probably done quite a bit of research on the brands, but the next step will be choosing the strength and flavor.

Nicotine Strength


The nicotine strength is very important in order for you to have a pleasure experience in making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. The key is to get one that is similar to the cigarette you’re using now. The strength actually refers to the type you smoke now, from an unfiltered ultra-strong cigarette to an ultra-light tobacco cigarette. Choosing the right one will make for a smoother transition, and likely enable you to toss out your tobacco cigarettes much sooner.

Choosing e-cigs with a nicotine level that is too high may cause the user to experience light-headedness and even nausea due to too much nicotine. If you choose a level that’s too low, you may not satisfy your craving for nicotine and could return to your old cigarettes. Either way you may not like the taste either.

If you previously smoked:

  • Unfiltered cigarettes:  Choose Xtra-High or 24 mg.
  • Full flavored cigarettes:  Choose High or 18 mg.
  • Regular cigarettes:  Choose Medium or 12 mg.
  • Light or Ultra-Light cigarettes:  Choose Low or 6 mg.

Choosing a Flavor


When you’re first transitioning, you should choose a flavor closest to your tobacco cigarettes. If you smoked regular unflavored tobacco, you’re likely to be happiest with the tobacco flavor. Menthol smokers should choose menthol.

While there are other flavors available, such as peach and chocolate, keeping it closer to the traditional experience usually works best especially in the beginning.

While some people immediately make the transition without difficulty, never looking back, for others it may take some trial and error to find the most pleasurable experience that will help you quit tobacco for good.

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