How to decide if the E Cigarette is For You?

When the electronic cigarettes first came out on the market, they certainly created a lot of interest. For those that were smokers, they were viewing it as perhaps a way they could now implement an easier method of quitting smoking.

There were two views on this though. Some smokers do so out of habit. It is something they have been doing for years perhaps, and it has just become a routine. For others, they feel they have a real addiction to the compounds found in a regular cigarette. For those with the habit, the e-cigarette was viewed as great replacement. For those with the perceived addiction, the concern was there would be no satisfying the cravings that they would experience, from the withdrawal of nicotine that would take place.

What was not realized at first is that the e-cigarettes could and often do, contain the same average amount of nicotine that a standard regular cigarette would. So once learning this it raised the question, what real purpose does this e-cig have?

You can begin to discover the answer to this by first determining what your real interest is in this electronic smoke device.

Are you interested because…

You want to break the smoking habit?

You want to replace the addiction that you have to the contents of a regular cigarette, with something that may be considered less harmful?

You want to be able to use the e-cig in places where regular smoking is not allowed?

You have heard that the e-cigarette may be less harmful to those around you when you do smoke?

These are just a few of the reasons that individuals develop an interest in this alternative smoking choice. To determine if the e-cigarette is for you or not you need to do two things. First you have to determine your reason for interest. Then you need to educate yourself as to what an electronic cigarette could do or will not do for you according to your requirements.

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