How to fill a E-cig Tank Tube

For EGO Tank Tube, following steps could be followed to fill them:
a. Pull the mouth piece (drip tip) out from the tank tube
b. Tilt it at an angle and fill the e-liquid in the metal cylinder (with cotton inside). About 10-15 drops should be enough. This is exactly same as filling a regular ecig cartridge.
c. Make sure that no e-liquid goes in the narrow center tube (in the center of the metal cylinder). That narrow tube is used for air flow.
d. Push the metal cylinder down with your thumb (or the top part of the drip tip) and then pull it down from the other side. Don’t remove it completely but just enough to tilt it an angle to fill liquid in the tank
e. Tilt the tank at an angle and fill the tank with the liquid. Don’t overfill as it might result in leaking. Three-fourth of tank is normally enough
f. The hole on the side of metal cylinder will now be used for e-liquid absorption in the filter and keep it wet.

So filling tank tube is basically 2 step process:
First fill the center tube with e-liquid. This is very similar to filling your blank cartridges. However this needs to be only first time on a new tank tube to prime it up.
Then fill the cylinder around that tube by pushing the center tube down.

There are many Youtube videos on the Internet that describe this process as well.
You can always call our customer service at 847-748-2025 if you still have any questions. We will be happy to help.

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