How to protect your atomizer

Overheated atomizer helps little to comfort a desperate smoker. It gives a bad taste and fails to deliver adequate amount of water vapors. While it is normal for an atomizer to get hot, overheating of an atomizer should be avoided at all costs. If you have not yet encountered an overheated atomizer, get ready and take into account the following preventive measures that could help keep your e-cigarette atomizer from getting overtly hot.

  • Keep the atomizer clean and tidy. This will help it function properly. To read tips on how to clean your e-cig atomizer visit
  • Keep the battery of your e-cig properly charged all times. In case of over usage, always keep a charged battery on a standby. Take off the battery from the atomizer as soon as you feel the extreme heat. Atomizers usually get overheated because of uncharged batteries.
  • Avoid pressing the battery button too hard as it would over-heat your e-cigarette atomizer and crash it forever. This is especially true for manual battery operated e-cigarettes.
  • Keep the atomizer sufficiently moist from the e-liquid. This is because the atomizer’s coil consumes the liquid from the cartridge and makes vapors. In case it does not get adequate liquid from the cartridge, it will overheat. Make sure your e-cigarette cartridge has sufficient amount of e-liquid all the time. In case of travelling, always carry an additional pack of e-liquids to avoid shortage of your favorite flavor. Visit for a variety of quality e-liquids.
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