Howard Stern’s opinion on eCigarettes

On the Howard Stern show the famous radio host made his position against eCigarettes (

On the show and in previous episodes Sal, a writer on the show, has admitted to quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes( On these previous occasions as well Howard and Robin have repeatedly told him to quit cigarettes entirely and not to use eCigarettes. Sal has insisted that quitting cigarettes is a gradual process and that eCigarettes have helped him.

In this particular airing Sal’s doctors claimed that his health has improved due to using eCigarettes (as opposed to regular cigarettes). Howard clearly states that in his opinion eCigarettes have chemicals and hence should be avoided at all costs. In his usual flamboyant style he completely disses the opinion of Sal’s doctors. Though Howard is entertaining as usual his opinion is not entirely accurate due to two reasons:

(a) Sal’s health improved as told by his doctors. This is attributed to the fact that eCigarettes do not have carcinogens or other thousands of other toxic materials found in regular cigarettes. Hence it is a fact that cigarettes are (far) more harmful than eCigarettes

(b) Howard talks about eCigarettes containing chemicals. This is superficially true but these are the same as contained in kids’ candy, ice creams, and many foods. The two ingredients are PG(Propylene Glycol) which is an FDA approved food additive (see and Vegetable Glycerin which is naturally found in vegetables. By that measure we should avoid all supermarket foods and vegetables?

In summary non-smokers should not start using eCigarettes but these are definitely a safer alternative to regular cigarettes.

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