Is the E Cigarette a Good Alternative?


One of the most common and first questions asked about the e-cigarette is as to whether it is a good alternative. This needs to be expanded upon from the point of view of both the smoker and the non- smoker. For the smoker they are looking at the e-cig as a potential replacement to their regular cigarette. For many smokers it’s the contents of the cigarette that they are most interested in. They may be looking for ways to replace their perceived addiction to the nicotine found in a standard cigarette. Or at the very least, maybe it is a compromise. Meaning, that according to their way of thinking, that the possibility could exist that they will not be inhaling as much of the nicotine found in this alternative smoking resource.

What many people who are just learning about the e-smoke is, that there are several manufacturers of these devices now. As a result they are made differently, predominantly in the type of ingredients they contain. This means that just as there are varying amounts of nicotine in regular cigs, the same applies to the electronic version.  So in respect to the e-cigarette being a good alternative for nicotine replacement the answer would be no, not as a replacement. On the other hand, if one were looking to reduce the amount of nicotine they were utilizing per standard cigarette then yes perhaps the e-cig could be a resource for doing this. Only if the buyer were to insure that they were buying an e-brand that contained less nicotine to what they are consuming now. Plus, only if they used the same e-cig the same amount of times they smoked a standard cig.

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