Michael Douglas beats Stage 4 throat cancer

Michael Douglas – the famous hollywood star is no stranger to any reader out there. Starring in several memorable films such as Wall Street (Gordon Gecko – greed is good) and Basic Instincts he has led a full life with many achievements. In other words a Hollywood success story.

However one thing this hero could unfortunately not beat was his addiction to smoking (and drinking). Years of smoking and partying left him diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer. This was bad news no doubt but also good news in a way because at least it got detected. Two doctors who had inspected him had failed to diagnose and recognize that he actually had such an advanced stage of Cancer. This is particularly surprising given that he was actually a habitual smoker for many years.

Michael is a hollywood star but his story is actually quite common. Several patients who have been diagnosed with cancer or lesser throat/respiratory problems are told by their doctor to quit smoking. But they are unable to quit and continue to smoke in hiding. Many of us perhaps know of a close relative or friend who has done this.

More and more doctors are now attempting to convince their patients to use eCigs instead of traditional cigarettes. Kudos to Michael on beating cancer. Hopefully he has quit smoking by now.

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