My cartridge heats up when I puff my electronic cigarette. What can I do?

See previous article as to why an electronic cigarette cartridges may heat up. The problem is due to a combination of archaic technology and of customer usage. But mainly customer usage.

The reason is because new smokers who are used to traditional cigarettes draw strong puffs to get a similar feeling – of lungs being filled with toxic tobacco smoke. But the key difference is that the real buzz/hit that goes with each puff depends on the amount of nicotine delivered per puff. It takes at least few seconds for the effect of nicotine to reach the newbie smoker’s brain. Hence – outside of the psychological satisfaction – but from a practical standpoint it is quite meaningless for a vaper to draw long and hard. This results in a lesser satisfying, lesser relaxed vaping experience. Besides it causes heating of the ecig cartridge. So what is the vaper to do? A few suggestions:

a) Try to slow down: the most obvious is to slow down so that the cartridge has time to cool down

b) Take smaller puffs: takes more practice but can be lesser tiring for cheek muscles

c) Make your vaping sessions smaller: if you take 15 puffs per session reduce to 10-12. This allows the ecig cartridge to cool down

d) Choose a higher nicotine strength: this one is less obvious. But this will allow the ecig user to take fewer and smaller puffs with the same hit/buzz per session. But be careful as it may be too much nicotine for you to handle. There IS A DELAY for the nicotine’s impact to reach your brain. Research options to your brand’s compatible ecigs – retailers such as The Magic Mist provide not only cheaper quality alternates to ecig cartridges but also the same cartridges in higher strength.

e) Lessen the storage/shelf time between vaping sessions: once a fresh ecig cartridge has been ‘broken in’ the initial heating of the liquid causes the evaporation of the liquid into open air to speed up. This is especially pronounced if the ecig cartridge is kept in open air and not stored away in the box. Hence one should be cognizant that keeping cartridges open and attached on the ecig battery might be convenient but it reduces the life of the cartridge a bit. More relevant to this topic – the liquid dries up and can even burn the wick/sponge that is used to soak up the liquid.

If you have more questions please feel free to post comments below this posting.

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