Heads Up – News – Updates 7.18.2019

THE MORE YOU KNOW: If a teen vaping “epidemic” was creating adults who smoke, the 18-24 age group would be seeing a smoking INCREASE. But Dr. Brad Rodu explains that (according to CDC data) exclusive smoking & dual use in that group have both DECLINED by around 50% from 2014 to 2018. Where is evidence of a “gateway?”

Tobacco Truth: As Young Adult Smoking Evaporates, “Teen Vaping Epidemic” Appears Overblown

ADVOCACY: Listen to CASAA CEO Alex Clark, discussing the new anti-vaping laws in Maryland & Virginia, and higher tobacco/vapor taxes in D.C, vs Matt Meyers from Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids on The Kojo Nnamdi Show!


CRESTED BUTTE, COLORADO: (UPDATE) City still sending a 40% tax on vapor and smoke-free products to voters this fall, but exempt nicotine-free liquids and hardware. A $25/60 ml bottle would cost $35 which, for many people, will be about same cost as cigarettes even with the new $3 cigarette tax.

Council pulls back on proposed tobacco and nicotine tax – The Crested Butte News

OHIO: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE) State budget passes including a 10¢/mL vape tax & denying adults 18-20 who smoke access to far safer alternatives. A 60 ml bottle would be taxed $6 + sales tax, so a $25 product will now be about $33 which, for many people, will be more than cost of the equivalent in cigarettes.

$69B state budget with tax cuts, health-care transparency on way to approval

CHAMBLEE, GEORGIA: City BANS smoking and VAPING EVERYWHERE except residential streets (for now) & single family homes. ANTZ once said “There’s no slippery slope! We just want separate areas in restaurants.” But now, some people can’t even LEGALLY vape in their OWN RESIDENCE!

Metro city passes restrictive smoking ban, stricter than Atlanta’s

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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.17.2019

OHIO: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) HB 166 was NOT amended to remove a 10¢/mL tax on e-liquid that would unjustifiably charge people extra for making the responsible decision to switch to vaping and stop smoking. We have roughly 24 hours to get as many phone calls and emails to Governor Mike DeWine urging him to VETO THE VAPOR TAX!

OH – Stop Extra Taxes on Vaping!

NEW YORK & DELAWARE: (UPDATE) States raised age to purchase tobacco to 21, but also denied adults 18-20 who smoke access to low risk products that actually help them quit smoking. These laws have so far failed to reduce illegal youth use in other cities and states.

New York: Governor Cuomo signs legislation to raise smoking age to 21 statewide
Delaware: Delaware Raises Legal Age For Smoking, Buying Tobacco Products From 18 To 21

CARMEL, INDIANA: (UPDATE) With NO EVIDENCE of risk to bystanders, city treats vaping same as smoking by banning use in most public places. Takes away businesses’ CHOICE to cater to vapers, misleads public on risks & justifies future sin taxes/flavor bans.

Carmel votes to ban e-cigarettes from most public places

IN THE NEWS: Study linking vaping to heart attacks muddied amid spat between two tobacco researchers. Harm Reduction expert Brad Rodu (@BradRodu) takes on false claims and bad science put out by long-time ANTZ (Anti Nicotine and Tobacco Zealot) Stanton Glantz (@ProfGlantz).

Study linking vaping to heart attacks muddied amid spat between two tobacco researchers

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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.16.2019

IN THE NEWS: (FDA) A judge ruled Friday that vapor product companies must submit applications to FDA by May 2020. Products pending applications may stay on market up to one year while FDA considers their applications, but FDA also given “discretion.”

Bloomberg – Are you a robot?

THE MORE YOU KNOW: (NEVADA) Smoking rates (which were already declining, possibly b/c of vaping) barely budged since initially dropping after 2015 law more than doubled the cigarette tax. Now a 30% VAPE TAX will ensure even FEWER PEOPLE WILL QUIT SMOKING.

Has Nevada’s cigarette tax hike worked? 2015 law could offer clues for new vaping tax

THE MORE YOU KNOW: (RESEARCH) Study finds adults who vape more likely to quit smoking, but say former smokers who vape more likely to relapse. This ignores the fact that relapse is common & those facing relapse likely just tried vaping “cigalikes” first! Unlikely that a former smoker who doesn’t feel an urge to smoke would even buy a vapor product.

Adults who vape are more likely to quit cigarettes, study finds – CNN

BOULDER CITY, COLORADO: (HEADS UP!) Boulder City Council meeting at 6 p.m. TONIGHT (7/16) to discuss possible flavor ban, Tobacco/Vapor 21 and other restrictions on vapor products that would severely limit adult access to far safer products!

Boulder Valley School District parent group urging Boulder City Council to regulate e-cigarettes

RESEARCH: U.S. National Institutes of Health survey study, published July 15 in the journal Substance Use & Misuse, suggests banning flavors and lowering nicotine levels in vapor products is “a strategy that could backfire.”


SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI: (HEADS UP!) Council to VOTE TONIGHT on denying adults 18-20 who smoke access to safer alternatives. Local doctor says “Adults who are wanting to quit smoking are not interested in flavors,” but FDA-approved Nicorette apparently disagrees.

City council to vote on regulations regarding Tobacco 21

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA: (HEADS UP!) City moving towards flavor/online sales bans, irrationally removing safer alternatives to smoking from the market, while leaving cigarettes and other combustible products freely sold throughout the city!

Ventura moves toward banning flavored tobacco, in shops and online

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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.12.2019

MASSACHUSETTS: (CALL TO ACTION!) Bill S 1279, banning the sale of flavored vapor & other smoke-free products, is scheduled for a public hearing on TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2019,1:00 PM-5:00 PM. Law would protect sales of cigarettes by removing competitors.

MA – Stop a Flavor Ban (S. 1279)

CRESTED BUTTE, COLORADO: (HEADS UP!) City letting voters decide on adding a 40% tax on vapor products and an ADDITIONAL 40% tax on low risk tobacco products that are already taxed at 40% by the state. Next council discussion is July 15th!

Nicotine tax debated by Crested Butte Town Council – The Crested Butte News

IN THE NEWS: CDC cigarette nicotine content survey proves that if you tell a lie frequently and long enough, people will believe that nicotine dependency is the main smoking health risk. Yet studies following nicotine therapy for Parkinson’s and ulcerative colitis show no addiction in patients after therapy is discontinued….

CDC says 8 in 10 US adults support limiting nicotine in cigarettes as FDA preps new rules

HARM REDUCTION: Will an E-Cigarette Ban Do More Harm Than Good?
NYU public health experts argue that measures intended to prevent teen vaping could make it tougher for tobacco smokers to quit; make teens more likely to smoke combustible cigarettes/cigars.

Will an E-Cigarette Ban Do More Harm Than Good?

BRECKENRIDGE, COLORADO: (HEADS UP!) City considering taxing low risk vapor products, raising the cost of lifesaving products for adults who smoke/vape, but unlikely to deter teens with disposable income.

Breckenridge Town Council agrees to explore nicotine tax, age increase to address public health concern

RESEARCH: Studies find that passage of minimal legal sale age laws that reduce access to vapor products and indoor vaping restriction laws are leading to increased cigarette use by pregnant teens who smoke.

E-cigarette Regulations Increase Prenatal Cigarette Use Among Teen Smokers, Study Shows – Georgia State University News – Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Research, University Research

MAIDEN, NORTH CAROLINA: (UPDATE) In spite of opposition, town has banned the use of smoke-free, low risk vapor products OUTDOORS at any park or rec area because…cigarette butts and kids.

Town of Maiden bans smoking, vaping in public parks

IN THE NEWS: Surprise! Wisconsinites are quitting smoking due to high taxes and public use bans, so revenue is way down. Now they’re taxing vapor products – the very products helping reduce smoking – to make up the losses. Clearly, it’s not about health!

Fewer people are smoking cigarettes, so state tax revenue is down. Now, Wisconsin will tax e-cigs.

CATTARAUGUS COUNTY, NEW YORK: (HEADS UP!) Even with “proven effective to halt youth use” Tobacco/Vapor 21 & indoor use laws already in place, Board of Health now calling for lawmakers to ban sales of flavored vapor products in the county. Give an inch…

Board of Health recommends flavored nicotine ban to curb number of young ‘vapers’

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GEORGIA: ANTZ groups pushing to treat vaping like smoking in public use ban. These laws increasingly include OUTDOOR spaces and PRIVATE RESIDENCES, take away business owners’ options and DON’T prevent worse laws like flavor bans/taxes.

Community organizations pushing for e-cigarettes to be added to smoke free ordinance

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Flavor Ban – Talking Points

Suggested Talking Points

1) Briefly, share your story about switching to vapor products. Be sure to mention the role, if any, that the variety of flavored vapor products played in your transition. It would also be helpful to mention your first exposure to e-cigarettes; did you purchase a product from a convenience store or gas station or did you instinctively know to go to a specialty vapor store?

2) Surveys published in 2016 confirm that adult consumers prefer flavors other than traditional tobacco and menthol (http://vaping.com/data/big-survey-2014-initial-findings-eliquid), (http://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/10/12/7272), and the largest ever survey (>60,000 people) of people who vape in the U.S. submitted by Dr Farsalinos to the FDA docket on flavors regulation (Regulations.gov, ID: FDA-2017-N-6565-22941, Tracking No. 1k2-94dd-bdy4).

3) Flavors are an important aspect of vapor products as they help people who are quitting smoking disassociate nicotine consumption from inhaling smoke and the taste of burning tobacco.

4) Prohibiting flavor options creates a barrier to becoming smoke free and, as a result, many people will actually be encouraged to continue smoking instead of making the switch to a product that is estimated to be 99% less hazardous than smoking. 

5) Sales of flavored smoke-free tobacco and nicotine products should not be restricted to adult-only or specialty retailers. It is important that people who smoke are able to see safer alternatives to smoking in retail environments where they normally purchase cigarettes.

This article was originally published at CASAA
Author: Alex Clark

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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.10.2019

ALBANY COUNTY, NEW YORK: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATED!) Local Law “E” has been sent back to committee to consider amendments exempting cigar bars & hookah lounges. The amendments would NOT exempt vape shops or allow for the sale of flavored vapor products. Urge lawmakers to OPPOSE Local Law “E”!


BLUFFTON, SOUTH CAROLINA: (HEADS UP!) City close to treating low risk vaping the same as smoking, prohibiting business owners from choosing to allow in their establishments and banning use OUTDOOR spaces, misleading public about risks.

Bluffton Town Council one step closer to adding e-cigarettes, vapes to ‘no smoking’ ordinance

LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA: (UPDATE) City bans sale of very low risk vapor products & flavored tobacco, while leaving conventional cigarettes (the most popular form of tobacco & what ANTZ call “the #1 cause of preventable death”) available for purchase.

Livermore votes to ban flavored tobacco products, e-cigarettes

RESEARCH: Study worries that vaping will cause chronic bronchitis/COPD, with coughing, shortness of breath and fatigue. “To really know, we need to wait 10 to 20 years.” But they didn’t bother to ask real people who have actually been vaping 10+ years.

If you thought vaping was safe, Kansas researchers have bad news – Welcome to Wyandotte Daily!

HARM REDUCTION: WHO’s endorsement of low- or no-nicotine cigarettes (that don’t reduce and may actually INCREASE exposure to smoke) “is at odds with its hostility to vaping. If WHO keeps going down this path, it could very well just make things worse.”

Is low-nicotine tobacco just another WHO smokescreen? – Press Enterprise

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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.8.2019

THE MORE YOU KNOW: CDC states smoking linked to 1 in 4 CVD deaths. Vaping does NOT “trade cancer for heart disease,” it LOWERS the risk for heart disease. Vapor products DO NOT contain more nicotine than cigarettes (200 “puffs” is NOT the same as 200 mg,) but even if they did, it’s the SMOKE that causes greatest health risks, not the nicotine. Claiming that vapor products have “more nicotine” is a red herring to distract from the fact that they still don’t carry the same health risks as smoking.

I’m smoking cigarettes to quit my vaping habit… Yeah, I know • the Hi-lo

WISCONSIN: (HEADS UP!) ACS, AHA, ALA want to “end nicotine use,” calling for treating vaping the same as smoking w/ public use bans (which have turned into residential bans elsewhere,) high taxes & denying adults 18-20 who smoke access to safer products.

The Next Steps in Wisconsin’s Plan for Clean Air

SAN FRANCISCO: (UPDATE) The Coalition for Reasonable Vaping Regulation submitted over 20,000 signatures last Tuesday, more than twice the roughly 9,000 signatures it needed to gather by today, to place the vapor product ban on the ballot.


THE MORE YOU KNOW: ANTZ credit indoor ban for 16% adult smoking rate, but smoking actually jumped from 19% in 2010 to 21% in 2011 & finally dropped to 17% by 2014. Note that abt 196,000 WI adults quit 2011 – 2017 & by 2017, abt 165,000 had tried vaping.

Nine years after Smoke Free Air law, Wisconsin says smoke ban is a success

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: (HEADS UP!) Mayor Jenny Durkan (@MayorJenny) is saying it’s time for the city to have a “discussion” on banning low risk vaping products (but not combustible cigarettes) to reduce teen vaping.


THE MORE YOU KNOW: (UK) Because of ANTZ propaganda, most people believe smoke-free tobacco has a stronger link to oral cancer than smoking. Nothing could be further from the truth. Oral cancers are more frequently linked to smoking, HPV and alcohol abuse.

Smoker who ‘didn’t know cigarettes cause cancer’ diagnosed with mouth tumour

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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.3.2019

NEW JERSEY: (UPDATE) So-called “kid-friendly” pods remain at 10¢/mL, but the American Cancer Society is still “disappointed” with the Governor’s reduction from 10¢/mL on bottled e-liquid (which is mainly used by adults who smoked) to 10% of wholesale. Tax on a $20/60 ml bottle will drop from $6 to $2.

“This tax rollback, makes it easier for New Jerseyans to get their hands-on e-cigarettes.”

Yes, ACS. That’s the whole point.

ACS CAN Disappointed that Governor Murphy Enacted Rollback of E-Cigarette Tax – Insider NJ

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Vape advocates often support laws banning vaping where smoking is prohibited, because they’re typically only thinking about restaurants, movie theaters, schools etc. But bans are increasingly being applied to PRIVATE RESIDENCES, such as this latest smoking and VAPING BAN IN ALL APARTMENTS & they’re turning neighbors into spies for enforcement.

The slippery slope is real.They won’t stop at “reasonable” bans in restaurants. They actually want smoking (and now vaping) banned EVERYWHERE, indoors and outdoors. If you give them an inch, they take a mile.

Millbrae snuffs out apartment smoking

RESEARCH: Scientists find low nicotine cigarettes + patches works better than decreasing regular cigarettes + patches. Ironically, nicotine VAPOR PRODUCTS do the same thing WITHOUT EXPOSING PEOPLE TO THE SMOKE found even in the low nicotine cigarettes.

Effectiveness of switching to very low nicotine content cigarettes plus nicotine patch vs reducing daily cigarette consumption plus nicotine patch to decrease dependence: An exploratory randomized trial

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Oklahoma Department of Health Tobacco Manager says: “Fewer people are smoking, they might not have quit but that means they are smoking less. Which is going to help the health, is going to help Oklahoma. We are going to have better health outcomes because we are consuming less”

Interestingly, the same point made by Tobacco Harm Reduction advocates regarding “dual use” (people who vape but haven’t completely quit smoking, but reducing number of cigarettes smoked) is completely dismissed as not relevant!

Oklahoma Cigarette Sales Declining 1 Year After Tax Hike

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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.1.2019

OREGON: (HEADS UP!) Lawmakers sending question of adding a 65% wholesale sin tax to vapor products to ballot next year. This would raise cost of a $20 bottle of e-liquid to $33, MAKING VAPING COST MORE THAN SMOKING, even with the higher cigarette tax.

Oregon Senate finishes whirlwind votes after Republicans stall session

IN THE NEWS: National Black Justice Coalition @NBJContheMove opposes SF vapor products ban: “Beyond restricting the rights of responsible adults making informed decisions, an unintended consequence includes increasing the use and purchase of cigarettes.”


MAINE: (UPDATE) In wee hours of June 30, lawmakers pass bill defining vapor products as tobacco, subject to new 43% sin tax. In many cases, this WILL MAKE VAPE PRODUCTS COST MORE PER DAY THAN SMOKING in the state. Low risk snus will have same 43% tax.

E-cigarette tax, help for poor residents on governor’s desk

CAPITOLA, CALIFORNIA: (HEADS UP!) City took first steps to ban flavored tobacco & vapor products on Thursday, in first of 2 required readings. Surveys show non-tobacco flavors help adults who smoke move away from the taste of cigarettes, prevent relapse.

Capitola joins movement in banning flavored tobacco sales – Santa Cruz Sentinel

IN THE NEWS: (NEW YORK) American Cancer Society joins other groups in urging lawmakers to ban flavored vaping and low risk tobacco products in New York City and Albany County.

New York story: NAACP, Anti-Smoking Groups Press City Council Speaker on Bills Banning Flavored Cigarettes
Albany County story: 19 groups urge Albany County to pass flavored tobacco, e-cig ban

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Heads Up – News – Updates 6.28.2019

IN THE NEWS: Former FDA director Dr. Scott Gottlieb (@ScottGottliebMD) has joined the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, the maker of Chantix. When Chantix was linked to significant health risks, FDA said “The benefits of quitting smoking outweigh those risks.” Meanwhile, vapor products must prove 100% safety – even for non-users?

INDIANA: (HEADS UP!) Bill to deny adults 18-20 who smoke access to far safer alternatives has passed out of committee. These laws are not proven effective, mislead public on the risks of vaping and inevitably lead to more restrictive bans and taxes!

IN Sen. Young hopes to increase legal smoking age soon

RESEARCH: Sanford Health researcher taking an in-depth look at alleged vaping “gateway” effect, finds evidence of little to no effect and concerned that regulations may backfire and drive people back to smoking.

Sanford researcher says vaping not a gateway to smoking

FEDERAL: Sen. Romney’s bill, which would deny adults 18-20 who smoke access to far safer products, has passed in committee. These laws are not proven effective, mislead public on the risks of vaping and inevitably lead to more restrictive bans and taxes!

Romney’s smoking and vaping bill passes committee

LONGMONT, COLORADO: (HEADS UP!) Including vaping in smoking bans may seem “reasonable” to some folks…until they inevitably start extending those smoking bans to OUTDOOR spaces and, in some cases, private residences in multi-unit buildings.

Longmont City Council Gives Initial Approval To Expanded Smoking Ban

IN THE NEWS: Vermont starts population-level experiment w/ public health, near-doubling cost of vapor products, banning online sales and denying adults 18-20 who smoke access to far safer products. Will be easier to get cigarettes in the state than vapes.

New e-cigarette rules expected to slam Vt. vape shops

THE MORE YOU KNOW: A new article going around tells readers the ACS, in its 2018 position statement, “not only endorse but promote vapor products as a safe and healthy way to quit smoking.” Unfortunately, this is NOT the case. In the year since releasing the statement the ACS has been part of suing the FDA to pull vapor products off market until proven safe, and lobbied for flavor bans, high taxes, indoor/outdoor use bans, online bans and T21. Far from a ringing endorsement of vaping.

Please see CASAA’s 2018 full response here: ACS to Clinicians: Vaping is an acceptable last resort… – CASAA

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