Smokers Discovering E-Cigs as a great alternative to Cigarettes

This month, a survey conducted in the U.S. revealed that of the 40 percent of participants aware of electronic cigarettes, 70 percent considered them to be the most effective in helping to quit traditional smoking and viewed as a better, healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The analysis, conducted by the American Journal of Public Health, showed that an increasing number of current and former smokers made the switch to e-cigs for the primary reason of helping them to get over their habit while providing the same smoking sensation received from tobacco cigarettes.

Many celebrities, including Mel Gibson, Uma Thurman, Jenny McCarthy and Katheine Heigl have become fans of the e-cigarette, a quickly growing trend in Hollywood, helping the stars wean off the habit while allowing them to remain healthy.

The latest to attempt to become a member of the electronic cigarette crowd is actor Zac Ephron. The popular “17 Again” star has already begun to give up traditional smoking and give e-cigs a chance, but so far he’s not completely been able to switch. This serves as reminder to who are attempting to switch that it can be difficult to completely give up traditional cigarettes, and that it’s normal to still smoke a few traditional cigarettes. By taking one step at a time, many experience an increased chance of success.

The actor was seen smoking an e-cigarette just last week in New York City. He puffed away in a corner of a party he attended for Richard Gere’s new movie, “Arbitrage,” but later snuck away to smoke a traditional cigarette.

With electronic cigarettes, such as those provided at The Magic Mist, containing zero tobacco, smoke or combustion, Efron can soon become part of the crowd that enjoys the same benefits of a traditional cigarette without many of the health risks.

Celebrities as well as the more average citizen have often remarked that they never thought they’d switch to e-cigs, but after trying them, they often feel the freedom that comes with not having to find a place to smoke tobacco cigarettes as well as to feel better and stop smelling like the often offensive tobacco smoke.

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