South Beach Smoke subscription program


Your faithful blogger has some stories that do not belong to this forum but there are some that do! Jokes apart – one of the first (mis)adventures I had in the electronic cigarette world. Among these mistakes my early one was buying a kit from South Beach Smoke. What follows is a common experience faced by all customers of the SouthBeach Smoke ‘program’. For those who know how their subscription program works skip to the next paragraph otherwise read on. Here is how it works:

  1. Not sure how and when I got signed up. I was buying the kit to try and was not interested in a subscription no matter what the price discount was.
  2. On their membership program they offer 20% discount off their high priced cartridges.
  3. One cannot vary quantity, strength or frequency of the cartridges – easily at least.
  4. Discontinuing the program takes a month or two in practice – they discontinue on the following cycle

Even customers of TheMagicMist who were past customers of SouthBeach smoke write to TMM customer service saying that they want to make sure there is no subscription program. They seem to have suffered significant anxiety in their past. They get significant relief from the fact TheMagicMist provides cartridges, chargers and other accessories that are compatible with South beach ecigs.



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