The appeal of electronic cigarette mods


In the eCig industry there are several manufacturers that focus on branding and follow a corporate approach to electronic cigarettes. They seem to aim for the everyman’s market and cater to the ordinary people who just want an alternative to smoking and do not want bother about what exactly to buy. They research a few reviews and that’s it. It is to this market that V2, blu, WhiteCloud, Cirrus, Bloog, South Beach Smoke, Mistic, etc cater to.

On the opposite end there are several manufacturers and suppliers that seem to cater to a completely different market. They provide a variety of products: paraphernalia such as refill syringes, ego-T tank batteries, an interesting and even funky range of cartomizers, etc. Admittedly your humble blogger sticks to the major (read top 20) brands and does not experiment with all these products. However from time I do get to try and look at these different mods (modifications) and variations. They usually feature one or a combination of the following:

  1. Higher liquid capacity
  2. Higher battery capacity
  3. Variable voltage (which varies the vapor output)
  4. clear cartomizer that allows user to see how much liquid is left (pretty cool actually)
  5. Cleanable atomizer – which allows the user to basically refill the cart more than 4-5 times 

These mods really appeal to their relevant audience. Several of them swear by how great these mods are. But I don’t usually get hooked. For example the ego-T tank battery looks really huge to carry around. It is like carrying around an oxygen tank or something. Just too cumbersome. Also the maintenance and planning aspect of it all seems a bit arduous.


Ridculously large eCig batteries


My lifestyle is full of many hassles such as carrying chargers for my laptop, iPhone, eCig and I have a set in my office and home. But worrying about all these components that go in these mods and keeping a track of how to use them is quite challenging. I understand there is a loyal audience for these, though. For readers who are ore interested in these mods visit which is the best blog in my humble opinion for this kind of thing.


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