The Latest E-Cigarette Industry News


Vapor Tanks Are Moving In On E-Cigarette Sales

Vapor tanks are typically chunkier and allow smokers and would-be quitters to customize nicotine levels, as well as to puff thousands of blissful flavors. A cult following is likely to grow as “vaping” becomes more fashionable and more stores, such as Walmart, carry the battery-powered metal tubes in a wide range of colors. Discover more about vape tanks here.

Attorneys General Ask FDA To Ban Flavors & More

More than two dozen state attorneys general urged the Food and Drug Administration on Friday to impose restrictions on electronic cigarettes, including prohibiting television advertising and banning the wide variety of candy and fruit flavors that have helped make e-cigarettes popular. Read the reason for the attorneys general’s request for tougher restrictions on E-Cigarettes here.

The E-Cigarette Gateway Myth

The gateway hypothesis is a myth. The evidence shows that very few nonsmokers “vape.” The primary reason people use e-cigarettes is to quit or cut back on smoking conventional cigarettes. Click here to learn the truth.

Reynolds sponsors study of e-cig vapor smoke

A subsidiary of Reynolds American Inc. is sponsoring a federal study to determine what potential risks there are in the vapor smoke emitted from an electronic cigarette.

The goal of the study “is to increase understanding of the composition of second-hand vapor smoke.” The trial will compare four different brands of e-cig with each other, and against two leading menthol and non-menthol brands of combustible cigarettes. Here are more details on this study.

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