Tobacco – the deadly killer



It is no secret that tobacco is one of the most harmful plants on the planet. Tobacco is actually toxic, and is used as a natural pesticide for farmers when they want to get rid of certain types of pests that plague their crops before harvest. Facts state that around six million people die every year from diseases caused by tobacco consumption alone. Pair that with a combination of nicotine and tar and you have a ready-made cancer stick that millions of people proudly puff at around the world.

Smoking alone is an act which is attributed to the deaths of over seven million people by the time the year 2015 rolls around, and the number would only increase to an estimated nine million human beings in the year 2030, especially in developed countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia.

The World Health Organization reports that a smoker dies at every six seconds in the world, whether he/she is an active smoker or a former smoker. The World Health Organization also states that there are over two billion chain smokers around the world.

Statistics show that over four million, forty three thousand Americans die purely due to tobacco consumption through smoking per year, which makes over eighteen percent of all deaths in the country. Smokers are a hazard to everybody around them as well, as over fifty thousand people in America die because of exposure to secondhand smoke from people they are living with that do smoke even if they don’t.



Over 2 million people die due to tobacco related illnesses in Australia every year, with the main source of tobacco consumption being cigarettes. It is forecasted that tobacco consumption through cigarettes alone will be the cause of death for a billion people in the twenty first century per year. When you do the math, it adds up to two thousand people dying in a single day from diseases like lung cancer, bronchitis and lung collapse.

Statistics also reveal that thirty three to fifty percent of all smokers in any country in the world die purely because of consequences of their habit. It is also noted that people who smoke have a shorter lifespan than those who do not smoke. Non-smokers outlive smokers by fifteen years.

A good way to reduce your tobacco intake without quitting smoking altogether is switching to electronic cigarettes. E cigarettes are especially helpful for people who are trying to reduce smoking because it is damaging their health.

E cigarettes contain lower nicotine content and the absence of carcinogens such as tar let you smoke almost anywhere you want. This way, you do not have to go through unpleasant nicotine withdrawal symptoms and do not have to suffer through all the side-effects that come as a consequence of smoking tar in traditional cigarettes.


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